Carmel H.S.S., established and administered by Carmel Bhavan,Chalakudy, CMI Congregation of Devamatha Province, Thrissur began functioning on 16th July 1975. The school founded by the great visionary Rev. Fr. Gabriel CMI, the Provincial of Devamatha Province of the CMI Congregation has completed over 3 decades of glorious service. Carmel H.S.s. is an unaided institution recognized by the Govt. of Kerala and the students sit for the S.S.L.C. and H.S.E. examinations of the Kerala Govt. The medium of instruction is English. Carmel strives to provide the best of modern education and a moreholistic educational experience to the young minds. Its ambience teamedwith a positive outlook unleashes a dynamic and dazzling climate to fulfilltheir creative urges and provide a platform to showcase their talents.


Fr. John Edappilly CMI
Fr. Jose Thanickal CMI
Fr. Joseph Alappat CMI



Ut Abundantius Habeant. God as Sat-cit ananda is the foundation and fullness of all that is real, true and beautiful. The purpose of education, as contemplated by Carmel, is to enable each candidate so as to respond from his/her within to His call to unity, enlightenment and peace by receiving ever more increasingly - Ut Abundantius Habeant - from the bounty of his truth, light and bliss. Hence let this be our constant invocation before Him, the One,the True and the Blissful: May our life andlearning in Carmel empower us to ever moreincreasingly radiate the sanctity of YourBeing, the splendour of Your Truth and theserenity of your Bliss always andeverywhere.


  1. To achieve over all development of the child.
  2. To boost up Spiritual and Ethical rejuvenation.
  3. To uphold human values and our compositeculture.
  4. To inculcate a sense of social responsibility andreligious tolerance.
  5. To enhance competence and confidence to meetthe challenges that lie ahead.
  6. To provide insights into self reliance and integrity.


  • Faith in God
  • Spiritual uprigtness
  • Aacademic Excellence
  • Social Responsibility
  • Holistic growth
  • Enlightent Citizen